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How to Give Your 2 Weeks Notice

How to Effectively and Professionally Give Your Two Weeks' Notice When it's time to move on to a new job opportunity, it is important to resign from your current job properly. Giving two weeks' notice allows your employer to have sufficient time to prepare for your departure and potentially help secure a suitable replacement. Done wrong, however, it can leave a negative lasting impression with your previous employer or jeopardise a reference. So, knowing how to handle it is key. Follow these tips to ensure that you depart from your job effectively and professionally: 1. Create a Resignation letter - Start your two weeks notice process by summarising your resignation in writing and submit it to your boss. Be honest and concise, and mention the necessary details, such as the effective date of your resignation and cause for resignation if desired. 2. Routine Announcement to the Management - Acknowledge, and publicly thank those who have supported you and express gratitude for your time in the company. Be gracious, and polite in your interaction with colleagues with whom you have not worked with yet. 3. Avoid Criticising or Disparaging Your Boss - While it can be tempting to lash out at a boss with whom you didn't see eye to eye with your role, it’s imperative that you remain professional. Be objective if you’re asked why you’ve decided to leave, and avoid focusing on anything negative while explaining your reasons. 4. Offer to help with Transition Planning - If necessary, provide courtesy and offer to work with the upper management in any way possible to help plan for knowledge and skills transition. You may offer to train a new employee, share best practices built on experience, etc. 5. Leave on a Good Note - It is beneficial to complete your tasks and assignments as a professional and be reliable, forthcoming, obliging and collaborative. Make sure the company calendar is updated with pertinent dates if needed or any other materials that might be useful after you depart. Giving two weeks' notice can seem challenging initially, but if carried out professionally, you are likely to enjoy the final days of your job more. These tips will assist you to take thoughtful decision making as well as provide support to alleviate any apprehensions. Remember you never know when you may cross their path again, and will want to make a positive and lasting impression after resigning from your job.

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